Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoiled Applesauce

I stick my hand deep into the recesses of the fridge and pull out the applesauce. I open the top. Ewwww! Something nasty hits my nose with a strong upper-cut; I recoil in disgust from the invisible wall of bacteria that has been released.

As I toss the applesauce into the garbage, I think: Oh, no, it's a holiday! I need more applesauce but I can't buy it now! I say to my husband, "Maybe I'll take some apples and make my own applesauce. Any idea how to do that?" He shrugs. I can't look up online how to make applesauce, either. What can I do?

I put five New York apples into a pot of water on the stove and let it boil. I don't know if this will work, but...after awhile, I check the apples, and sure enough, they feel like applesauce! I take them out of the pot, slip the peels off, remove the seeds, and mash them up a bit with a fork in a plastic food container. Wow, that was easier than making and peeling hard-boiled eggs!

I add about a cup of my applesauce to six mashed bananas that I've mashed with a fork and pour in half a cup of unsweetened Silk soy milk. I mix it all up. Finally, the mushy mixture goes into a bowl of whole wheat flour, Arm and Hammer baking soda, and wheat germ....

An hour and a half later: Delicious baby cake! I'll definitely make this with some added Truvia for Rena's first birthday party! The baby doesn't seem to like it yet, but it's the only cake I've eaten or served to grown-ups that I can honestly say is guilt-free!

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