Friday, December 24, 2010

Date Night!

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Hubby here! For the first time in a long while we were free from following the little-one around on her adventures. Yay for grandparents who come all the way to New babysit. Sarah and I had a romantic meal at Shalom Bombay (great service and food!) interspersed with many tender affections and not a little bit of conversation about Hinduism and karma.  Give a yay to get a yay is what I say. How many of you had a yay day today? A yay hour? A yay moment? Share your daily yay and keep the good vibes alive.

A yayful restaurant experience!

Cross posted on The Daily Yay!

My in-laws arrived today! That would be a "yay" in and of itself, but the servers at Wolf and Lamb, the kosher meat restaurant where we went out to dinner, went out of their way to accommodate our group of four adults and one baby. They really didn't have to, as the restaurant was already almost filled to the brim. They managed to squeeze in a high chair at a table that was really supposed to be for just four people. Though we'd been feeding Rena banana flavored Organic Puffs to tide her over, a server brought us a complimentary giant matzah ball for her to eat. Wow, she enjoyed this new food so much, she gave her Grammy huge smiles and clapped excitedly while she scarfed it up!

Rena and her daddy playing with her sippy cup at Wolf and Lamb