Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Cheese"burgers and "Pepperoni" Pizza

Cross posted on Kosher Cuisine

My husband, who did not grow up keeping kosher, reminisces about cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizza, shellfish, and other delicacies he hasn't tasted in years. I wonder: What can I make for Shabbat this week to bring back those memories for him in a kosher way?

This week at Fairway, I head upstairs to the section with the soy products. It's incredible: One can buy so many foods made with soy that look and taste like meat or dairy but are actually completely parve! Sure, I've used soymilk in my meatballs recipe that calls for milk -- but oh, the possibilities of soy! I can buy any of several soy cheeses: cheddar, nacho, mozzarella....I pick mozzarella to make "cheese"burgers. Having never had a cheeseburger in my life (I grew up mostly kosher, so I never had anything that was a clear no-no), I have no clue what's the best cheese for a cheeseburger. Maybe I'll use cheddar next time. All I know is that I'll slice the soy cheese and melt the slices on top of the meat once it's been mostly cooked into burgers, according to my husband.

Ok, that takes care of one meal. I'm thinking for the other meal I'll do a pizza with real cheese and some kind of fake meat made of soy. Let's see what there is....OMG, there's fake pepperoni! Perfect! I'll make my pizza crust (with whole wheat flour, of course), spread it with sauce (I use spaghetti sauce), and lay the pepperoni slices over it. I can still use my usual cheesy veggie pizza recipe for the veggies this time, and perhaps I'll just put some mushrooms over the "pepperoni" next time for a change.

Wow, my husband is going to be so happy this Shabbat!


  1. You sure do know the way to your husband's stomach, and to his heart as well.:):):)

  2. Did he like it? Soy meat can be ok but fake cheese usually does not taste good.
    There's a kosher pizza place in Detroit called Jerusalem Pizza that has "pepperoni," "taco," "Canadian Bacon," "BBQ chicken" "chulent" and "kishke" pizzas. (The BBQ chicken is actually pretty good.)

  3. He wasn't so into the "pepperoni" pizza but he liked it better when I made it with the mushrooms. I find that I like soy "meat" though The "cheese" burgers would have been ok for him but he likes his cheese sliced thin, which I have trouble with. I had trouble getting the "cheese" to melt properly on the burgers. Since then, I've tried a couple of Weight Watchers recipes using soy cheese but after that I stopped getting it because I really don't like it.

    OMG, "chulent" and "kishke" pizza?!?! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Detroit! I don't know when that will be as I have no reason to be there at this stage in my life, but you never know. I used to go there for NCSY Shabbatons (Central East Region) but now I'm living in New York and married with a baby.

  4. Haha, I completely forgot about this comment, and I have actually been to Detroit since (but I didn't eat at any restaurants while there). Oops!