Sunday, February 14, 2010

Putter Pie! (Or Putterfly)

My PDA is in the backpack. I've got my debit card and my Metrocard within easy reach. Oh, wait, I forgot my phone; it's plugged in in the bedroom because it was running out of power. Back and forth I go, puttering around our apartment and distracting my husband who's trying to get some work done.

"Why don't you just get the baby dressed?" he says. "Come on, hurry up!"
"But I'm not ready to go yet!" I protest. "I have to finish getting dressed!"
A moment later, as I fill a bottle of formula (Philips Avent 4oz Bottle w/ Newborn Nipple): "I thought you were getting ready to go!"
"I am! This is part of getting ready."

And indeed it is, as are making sure I have enough diapers and wipes in the backpack and packing the powdered formula (Similac Advance EarlyShield Powder Formula - 23.2 oz.) and the portable changing pad. Rena and I are getting ready for another Thursday adventure together!

Finally, I'm dressed and ready to head right out the door. I just have to get Little Pie dressed in a gazillion layers so she doesn't freeze and put her in the baby carrier -- always the last preparations I do so she doesn't have so much time to get overheated.

Now my husband is distracting me with his jokes and playfulness while I attempt to dress the Little Bean who is, of course, miserably uncomfortable in her layers. Not to mention the difficulty of stuffing her and her layers into the carrier. There is a constant background noise of "Waah, waah, waah," but the moment I pick her up in the carrier and sling it over my shoulder like a purse...ahh, serenity at last!

My husband and I say "Bye, Pie!" to each other, and I carry Rena in her carrier to the front door, where I pick up the backpack and put it on. By this time she's sound asleep. I open the door and step out into the hallway. I take the elevator down to the first floor and exit the building, a huge smile planting itself on my face as I get psyched for our adventure! My stride is slow (I don't want to trip while carrying the baby) but purposeful. We reach the subway station. I wait eagerly for the 1 train, and when it comes, I rush inside and grab a seat so Rena can be comfortable and safe as we race toward Thursday's destination.

"This is 72nd Street," proclaims the conductor. "We're almost there, Rena," I tell her, although she's still asleep. We navigate the sea of people, first in the subway station and then outside. We walk just a couple of blocks and then, suddenly, our goal appears before us and the adventure begins....

To be continued....

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